About Microcosms

This contest is the result of a lot of brainstorming and collaboration. Although the idea was conceived in the middle of 2015, the site and contest were officially created in response to the untimely loss of three beloved flash fictions contests in December 2015, which was quite a blow to the flash fiction community. Our aim was to fill part of the void left behind.

About the Flash Dogs

The Flash Dogs are an awesome group of writers that really exemplify what an online community should be. They have multiple anthologies available.


About KM

Kristen loves writing (and a bunch of other stuff).


About Geoff

Geoff is now officially an OAP, and therefore free to spend most of his free time* messing about in the world of flash fiction. He currently heads up the UK subsidiary of Microcosm’s world-wide conglomerate.

[* ‘all of his time’, according to his long-suffering, patient wife ]


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“Water drops on CD” courtesy of Iva Villi via Freeimages.com