Microcosms 79

Welcome to Q3 in the second year of Microcosms – another mini-milestone – and round #79.

For this week’s contest, the slot machine has been given another well-deserved rest. Once again I’ve taken one of the favourite / favorite lines chosen by the judge in each of the contests in Y2/Q2. Your task is to select one of these lines and incorporate it into your entry:

#66 – ‘Go on then, why not. Let’s put the band back together!’

#67 – He trapped the moment in his invention.

#68 – The rain seems to be writing cryptic messages on my window panes.

#69 – A ring of untanned skin was all that remained of his marriage.

#70 – Cold fluorescent lights flickered alive, illuminating a horrific scene.

#71 – I tried to stem the flicker of suspicion, but it burst into flame and spread like wildfire.

#72 – She made them feel loved before she devoured their souls.

#73 – It moved slowly down his skin like a finger hesitant on a trigger.

#74 – This griffin was smarter than it looked.

#75 – You never want to be a short man in a crowd.

#76 – Half way down the bottle, he told me his story.

#77 – “Hey, darling, did you want ketchup or mustard on your hamburger?” she asked.

#78 – I have an implausible 19th century moustache and a cheeky grin.




You may change the line slightly – gender, tense, punctuation, etc. – but it must still be recognisable. You may use whichever genre you like this week.

Please tell us the favourite / favorite line you have chosen – no need to specify the genre this time round.



 Judging this week is Microcosms 78 Judge’s Pick, Dana Faletti.

All submissions should be a maximum of 300 words in length. You have until midnight, New York time to submit.

*** If you are new to Microcosms, remember to check out the full submission guidelines. ***

All being well, results will be posted on Monday.


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Microcosms 78

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