Updated September 2023.

Contests And Submissions


Free to Enter

  • Brilliant Flash Fiction (annual-ish contest, ongoing publications)
    Free to enter.
    Max 400 words for contest. Max 1000 words for quarterly submission calls.
    Contest prizes: $200.00 first prize. $100.00 second prize. $50.00 third prize. $20.00 and publication on our website for shortlisted stories.
  • Didcot Writers (quarterly)
    Entry is free if you attend one of their events (many free and online); otherwise, entry is £4.
    No monetary prize. May be published in future anthology.
  • Gotham Writers (various)
    Free to enter.
    Word counts and details vary by contest.
    Prize is often a free writing workshop.
  • Press 53 (monthly)
    Free to enter.
    53 words only.
    Prize is publication in Prime Number Magazine and a free book.
  • Secret Attic (various)
    Free to enter.
    Word counts vary by contest.
    Cash prizes available to paid subscribers.

Entry Fee

List of Contests

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