RESULTS – Microcosms 25

Many thanks to our judge A.J. Walker for judging this week’s competition, here’s what he had to say: Well, it’s been an exhausting and quite depressing time in England for the last few days. For some of us. Exciting and unbelievably good for others. So […]

RESULTS – Microcosms 23

This week’s stories made judging an extremely close call, there was very little to choose between any of them and perhaps on another day, the results would have been in a completely different order. Although small, this week’s entries formed a great collection and for […]

RESULTS – Microcosms 15

Okay, all. Sorry for the late results. (These 12-hour workdays have been rough, but I do apologize.) What’s especially disappointing about posting late is that you all wrote some AMAZING stories. This was one of those weeks where any one of you could have won, […]

Microcosms 8

Welcome back colonists!  It’s been truly wonderful to see you return week-after-week to duel against each other with words as your only weapons – but boy are they powerful. When people think of artists, they think painters, musicians, sculptors, rarely do they consider the writer – […]