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  • RESULTS – Microcosms 24

    Before we launch into CR Smith’s results for this week’s contest, I would just like to extend a huge thank you to Sal Page for her thoroughly entertaining posting this week. If anyone else would like to contribute a post, please get in touch, and now over to our judge … You’ve given me a […]

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  • RESULTS – Microcosms 19

    Again, my apologies for the delays. I know how difficult it is to wait. My life has been utter chaos, lately. But your awesomeness makes the contest worthwhile. Please, continue writing. Never stop. Things should slow down a bit for the next couple of weeks, so the contest should run more smoothly again. At least […]

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  • RESULTS – Microcosms 17

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate your contributions to another great week. Thank you all so much! And a HUGE thanks to this week’s judges, AV Laidlaw and Steph Ellis. Here’s what AV had to say: This is ground control… I was at a gig on Tuesday. “Thanks for supporting live music,” the […]

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  • RESULTS – Microcosms 4

    Welcome back, everyone! We had twenty awesome entries this week, and somehow the judges managed to narrow the stories down. This is such a difficult task, so please take a moment to send some thanks to CR Smith and Amy Wood. Thank you both! 😀 All right, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Honorable […]

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  • RESULTS – Microcosms 2

    Hey everyone! Wow – what an awesome crop of stories we had! Great job, everyone who submitted. You should all be proud. Huge, HUGE thanks to last week’s winners, AV Laidlaw and Steph Ellis, who sure had their hands full judging this week. I did not envy them at all! (Sorry I couldn’t give you […]

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