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  • Microcosms 22

    Hi, everyone. Geoff Holme here – guest host for Microcosms 22. I first came into contact with Kristen, the brains behind Microcosms, while judging a round of MicroBookends, run by David Borrowdale. Sadly, that flash contest is no longer with us. Microcosms 22 pays tribute to David’s creation, but here the book ends are the last […]

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  • Microcosms 1

    Welcome to the very first Microcosms flash fiction contest! How exciting! 😀 Today is the 1st of January, which is celebrated as the New Year for many cultures around the world and is symbolic of new beginnings. And, in some ways, that’s what today’s contest is about – looking forward. Whether it’s the year you […]

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