Apologies to all those of you who support Microcosms week after week, but I have sadly had to make the decision to suspend contest posts for a couple of months at least.

The operation which my wife had on her shoulder was not successful; in fact, it has left her in more pain than she was experiencing before. This may, I hope, be just the effects of the procedure; time and physiotherapy may provide some improvement. In the short term, however, I need to devote my time to looking after her, our dogs and the household.

If anyone wishes to take over administration of Microcosms in the meantime, I would be happy to provide guidance to facilitate this.

Countdown to midnight – a New Year and a New Contest!
Microcosms 163

18 responses to “Microcosms Hiatus”

  1. bill engleson Avatar

    All the best Geoff to you and your family.

  2. Susi Moffat Avatar
    Susi Moffat

    Sorry to hear that Geoff. Hope the Physiotherapy helps.

  3. Alva Holland Avatar
    Alva Holland

    Sorry to hear this, Geoff. Even though I haven’t been participating in recent times, I’ve popped in now and then to read some of the stories. You’re right to take the time you need now. Loved ones take priority over everything. I wish you and Mrs. H all the best and I hope Mrs. H feels better soon.

  4. Sarah Mosedale Avatar
    Sarah Mosedale

    Sending all best wishes to you and your wife.

  5. geoff le pard Avatar

    Sorry to hear that Geoff. Take care

  6. Dana Avatar

    Geoff- I’ll be thinking of and praying for you and your wife.im sorry to hear she’s going through this. Hope she heals up quickly and her pain ceases.
    Hang in there.

  7. Nadia Avatar

    My family and I will pray for your wife’s quick recovery.
    All the best to you and your family!

  8. Kirsty Peto Avatar
    Kirsty Peto

    I wish you all the best to you and your family.

    I would also be happy to take over the administration of Microcosms during your hiatus to enable to continue the competition, I’ve enjoyed this so much in the short time I have been following and competing.

    All the best to you and your wife.

  9. Ivan Budanov Avatar
    Ivan Budanov

    Hello Geoff, best of wishes to your family. I hope everything gets better soon.
    I really love Microcosms and have participated a few times, and really enjoy reading everyone’s stories each week.
    I would be honored to run Microcosms during the hiatus. I have lots of writing experience and experience coordinating projects and communities.

  10. Alysia Ascovani Avatar

    Hope she gets better soon!

  11. Deanna D Salser Avatar
    Deanna D Salser

    Sorry to hear that as I’ve enjoyed your hosting. It’s been so much fun, thank you!

  12. Mpart Avatar

    Take all the time you need! I hope she gets better soon.

  13. Steve Lodge Avatar
    Steve Lodge

    Praying for healing for your wife, Geoff. Pls take care. God bless.

  14. Sian Brighal Avatar
    Sian Brighal

    Praying and wishing for a speedy recovery/resolution for your wife: pain is truly terrible. Take care and time, and look after yourself.

  15. Arianna Hammond Avatar
    Arianna Hammond

    I’m so sorry. Peace and love to you and your family, I hope all turns well. Praying for no more pain, I truly hope she gets better.
    Take love and care. <3

  16. Stephanie Ellis Avatar

    So sorry to hear this Geoff. I know I haven’t been around for a while but specifically ‘popped in’ tonight to show my face again. Take care x

  17. Angelique Pacheco Avatar
    Angelique Pacheco

    Sorry to hear about your wife. Praying for you guys. ❤️

  18. Mia Middonte Avatar
    Mia Middonte

    Sending many glowing- blessings and the light to your lovely wife! x

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