Microcosms 130

Feeling fit for a Friday flash fiction frolic? Welcome to Microcosms 130 — the first post of the third quarter of the year.

Apologies for the lack of reminder tweets about the MC 129 Contest last week — this was entirely down to me, not KM. I’ve set up a calendar reminder now, so this should not be a problem in future.


*** Please read the instructions carefully – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NEW TO MICROCOSMS ***

As is customary on the cusp of a new quarter, I’ve been looking back at the Results posts during the previous quarter. I’ve selected one of the favourite / favorite lines chosen by the judge in each of the 13 contests.

There’s no “slot machine” of elements in this round. Your task is simply to select just ONE or TWO –DEFINITELY NO MORE! —  of these lines and incorporate it/them into your entry:


117 – I measured time in cigarettes.

118 – Skin is weird.

119 – He didn’t look back as they dragged him away.

120 – He continued, resurrecting a smile.

121 – If you’re not there, you can’t put your foot in it.

122 – Oh, I’m sorry…did you think I worked for God?

123 – Everything was the same, right down to the missing mummy.

124 – That tea was mostly whisky; the woman had class.

125 – It must be ‘Bring a Nutter to Work’ Day.

126 – When you are tired of being alone and want someone to enjoy some vino with.

127 – I turn around and notice a person standing on the opposite sidewalk, just…watching.

128 – I’d like to say I did everything by the book, but that would be a lie.

129 – Around then, I’d had my nervous breakdown.



*** Incorporate it somewhere in your story / poem ***


*** You may change the chosen line(s) slightly – names, gender, tense, punctuation, etc. – but it must still be fairly recognisable. 

*** Please tell us the word count and the favourite / favorite line(s) you have chosen.

*** There’s no need to specify character, location and genre this time round — you have free rein.

*** Don’t forget to give your entry a title — and don’t end the title with a full stop/period.





Judging this week is Microcosms 129 Community & Judge’s Pick, Nikky Olivier.

All submissions should be a maximum of 300 words in length, excluding the title.

You have just 24 hours until midnight TODAY (Friday, 07-JUL), New York time (EDT)  to submit.


*** If you are new to Microcosms, remember to check out the full submission guidelines. ***

All being well, results will be posted on Monday.

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