Microcosms 62

Welcome back, flash fictionistas. This week, it’s Microcosms 62. Read on for details of your mission, should you wish to accept it!



Include which THREE elements you’re using AND a title for your entry. 


A whole host of American actors were born on this day, March 10. The elements in this week’s contest are derived from films in which a selection of these actors appeared:


Sam Jaffe (b. 1891) – “The Asphalt Jungle” (1950)

Chuck Norris (b. 1940) – ”Firewalker” (1986)

Katharine Houghton (b. 1945) – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” (1967)

Sharon Stone (b. 1958) – “The Quick and The Dead” (1995)

Jon Hamm (b.1971) – “Minions” (2015)

Olivia Wilde (b. 1984) –  “The Lazarus Effect” (2015)




(If YOU have an idea for a future contest and would like to be guest host, please contact me.)


Our contest this week begins with THREE things: character, location and genre.

We spun, and our three elements are – character: Inventor, setting: Laboratory, and genre: Fable.

Write a story using those OR feel free to click on the “Spin!” button, and the slot machine will come up with a new set – you can keep clicking until you have a set of elements that inspires you.


*** Once again, be sure to include which THREE elements you’re using AND a title for your entry. ***

  • Criminal Mastermind
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • Fiancé
  • Gunfighter
  • Inventor
  • Medical Researcher
  • Jewelry Heist
  • Mexican Bar
  • Dinner Party
  • Wild West
  • London
  • Laboratory
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Crime
  • Fable
  • Romance
  • Memoir


Judging this week is Microcosms 61 Community Pick, Nicola Tapson.

All submissions should be a maximum of 300 words in length. You have until midnight, New York time (EST) to submit.

*** If you are new to Microcosms, remember to check out the full submission guidelines. ***

All being well, results will be posted on Monday.

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