Microcosms 46

Welcome, fictioneers, to Microcosms 46. Yours truly hosting once more:

Today, we belatedly pay tribute to influential Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist, Leonard Cohen, who died earlier this month.



(If you have an idea for a future contest – and would be happy to host – please get in touch with me.)


As usual, our contest will begin with three things. This week: single title , album title and genre. Incorporate the single title AND the album title – literally or symbolically – somewhere in your story.

We spun, and our three elements are single title: Show Me The Place, album title: Death of a Ladies’ Man, and genre: Crime.

Write a story using those OR feel free to click on the “Spin!” button, and the slot machine will come up with a new set – you can keep clicking until you have a set of elements that inspire you. Be sure to include which three elements you’re using.

  • Avalanche
  • First We Take Manhattan
  • In My Secret Life
  • Tonight Will Be Fine
  • Show Me The Place
  • Closing Time
  • Death of a Ladies’ Man
  • Various Positions
  • I’m Your Man
  • Old Ideas
  • Popular Problems
  • You Want It Darker
  • Memoir
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama


Judging this week is Microcosms 45 Judge’s Pick, Alva Holland.

All submissions should be a maximum of 300 words in length. You have until midnight, New York time to submit.

(If you are new to Microcosms, check out the full submission guidelines.)

All being well, results will be posted on Monday.


If you like, you may use this image to inspire you – purely optional.


The songwriter Leonard Cohen in Venice (1988) Gorupdebesanez [CC BY-SA 3.0]

The songwriter Leonard Cohen in Venice (1988)
Gorupdebesanez [CC BY-SA 3.0]

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