Microcosms 6

Hey, everyone! Welcome back. 🙂

Continuing on with the theme of time, in honor of the Flash Dogs’ new anthology – which is being released on Monday – I thought we would look at the present and think about things (people, careers, and places) that may not be here in the future.

I often regard my day job in this way. It adds a bit of romanticism to being a flight attendant to think that someone in the future may look back and say, “Wow, I bet that was a fun job!” (And it is.) But I feel like there will be newer, faster means of traveling in the future and that, at some point, people won’t be using airplanes anymore.

So, that got me thinking about other things that may be replaced, either by technology (e.g., jobs that can be done by robots) or trending changes in politics or social mores. (I’m not saying whether or not they should be replaced, only that they may.) What is common now that may not be here in the future? Today’s mundane may be tomorrow’s nostalgia. So, feel free to keep that in mind (or not) when you write your story today. 🙂

As usual, our contest will begin with three things: character, setting, and genre.

We spun, and our three elements are character: judge, setting: truck stop, and genre: sci-fi. Alrighty, then.

Feel free to write a story using those or spin a new set of your own. Be sure to include which three elements you’re using.

  • flight attendant
  • pilot
  • chauffeur
  • maid
  • barista
  • religious leader
  • farmer
  • miner
  • factory worker
  • politician
  • mechanic
  • waitress
  • receptionist
  • soldier
  • doctor/nurse
  • translator
  • teacher
  • police officer
  • firefighter
  • customer service rep
  • cashier
  • warehouse worker
  • truck drivers
  • taxi driver
  • hair dresser/barber
  • animator
  • train conductor
  • judge
  • airplane
  • airport
  • limo
  • mansion
  • coffee shop
  • house of worship
  • farm
  • mine
  • factory
  • senate/parliament
  • auto repair shop
  • restaurant
  • office building
  • battlefield
  • hospital
  • classroom
  • crime scene
  • burning building
  • store
  • warehouse
  • highway
  • truck stop
  • city street
  • salon
  • Setting
  • train
  • train station
  • courtroom
  • horror
  • sci-fi
  • steam punk
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • drama
  • comedy
  • poem


Judging this week, we have one of last week’s winners, Stella Turner, along with yours truly, KM Zafari. 🙂

All submissions should be 100 words in length, give or take 10 words (90 – 110 words). You have until midnight, New York time to submit.

Winners will receive a copy of the Kindle version of FlashDogs : Time: Volume III (currently available for pre-order in the US, the UK, Australia, and other territories and being released on 8 February 2016), or a similarly priced book of their choosing; alternatively, winners may elect to have the monetary equivalent donated to World Reader or another literacy-related charity.

If you like, you may incorporate the following photo prompt (not required).

Plane flying overhead, silhouetted by clouds.

B737 by A. Carlos Herrera

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