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RESULTS – Microcosms 30

Thank you to all who spied the hidden secrets of the story elements in Microcosms 30. We had a reasonable number of submissions again this week, but we always welcome more. Please keep returning to Microcosms, and spread the word about this contest among your followers and friends. Despite my efforts, I have made no…

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RESULTS – Microcosms 26

Despite some in-flight turbulence, Microcosms has made it past the half-year mark. (Suppressing my natural inclination to add an exclamation mark there.) Thanks to everyone who contributed polished gems over the last 26 weeks. Please continue to come back and spread the word to keep Microcosms airborne. (You appreciating these aeronautical metaphors, KMZ?) Many thanks…

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RESULTS – Microcosms 24

Before we launch into CR Smith’s results for this week’s contest, I would just like to extend a huge thank you to Sal Page for her thoroughly entertaining posting this week. If anyone else would like to contribute a post, please get in touch, and now over to our judge … You’ve given me a…

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