RESULTS – Microcosms 40

Thank you to all who,  in Microcosms 40, submitted their take on one of the favourite/favorite lines from the previous 13 weeks of the contest. A huge leap in the number of entries this week; does this mean that people prefer the freedom allowed by not […]

RESULTS – Microcosms 14

High quality work, as always! A HUGE thanks to this week’s judges, Voima Oy and Geoff Holme. Here’s what Voima had to say: What fun to read these stories! Wonderful inventiveness and language. Well-done, everyone! And here’s what Geoff had to say: Hi, flash fictioneers! […]

RESULTS – Microcosms 5

Whew! What a great contest. You all rose to the challenge, and some of you had some really challenging spin elements. Nicely done! A HUGE thanks to this week’s judges, Steph Ellis and Daisy Warwick. All right, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Honorable […]