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Looking for feedback on your entry? We have two choices for you!

    1. 1. First Impressions

What stood out about your story on the first reading? Overview of what we loved and what we recommend.

    1. 2. Deeper Thoughts

What stood out after multiple reads (minimum of three)? Examples may include: What is working, and are there areas of opportunity or places where it could be stronger / tighter / more vivid? Feedback will be specific to the 100-word format.

Please Note
Feedback is per story. If you are purchasing feedback for fewer stories than you have entries, please indicate which story/stories you are requesting feedback on. Feedback may be purchased separately / at a later time. Please indicate status on the submission form.

Obligatory Disclaimers
Purchasing feedback does not increase your chances of winning.

Feedback will be created and sent digitally. As much as we’d love to provide handwritten comments, the picture is for illustrative purposes only.

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Additional information

Depth of Coverage

First Impressions, Deeper Thoughts

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