Interested in judging? Here’s the lowdown. 🙂

Is judging done “blind”?

For contests that have no monetary prize (and are, therefore, fairly low stakes, judging is done “on your honor/honour”, unless the judge(s) request otherwise. This helps us simplify the process, which makes it much easier for us to run the contest and helps keep it going. We trust our judges (who come from such a fabulous writing community) to be impartial. For contests with a monetary prize, judging will be blind, by default, though exceptions may be made on occasion (e.g., emergency judge replacement).

We also have a community winner every week. 🙂

What if there are multiple great stories?

Unfortunately, there does have to be just one winner, but we know that some weeks will receive multiple amazing submissions. So, if there any you’d like to nominate for inclusion in the anthology, be sure to say so.

How long should the comments be?

If you’d like a ballpark figure, 25-100 words might be a good goal, since the announcements are part of the contest posts now (for simplification purposes), but we can work with as much or as little as you want to provide.

How can I sign up to be a backup judge?

Glad you asked! You can contact us to submit yourself for inclusion on our backup judges list. Please include a short bio and your pronouns, as well as why you’d like to judge!

Thanks for all that you do!