Greetings, flash fictioneering friends! We are pleased to announce the winner(s) of Microcosms 202!

This week, we are pleased to continue with “The Karen Cox Prize for Entertaining Short Fiction”, brought to you by Alert Terminal Warehouse.


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MC 202 Winners!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner(s) of MC 202!

This was the closest Community Pick we’ve had in a long time!

Community Pick

We have another double dipper!!

Judge’s Pick

And the Judge’s Pick, and winner of this week’s $25 Karen Cox Prize for Entertaining Short Fiction, is:

Drumroll, please!

Congrats, Jaime! Please contact us for instructions on how to accept your prize and also let us know if you’d like to judge MC 205! (I know you were just a recent judge, but you’re welcome to judge again, if you like!)

Judge Galen Gower is a business owner and decided to include his employees in the decision! Here’s what Galen had to say (brackets added for clarity due to blind judging):
[“I Say! You’ve Lost The Plot Pal, Don’t Expect Vera To Help Ya.”] was a close runner-up.

Why we picked the winner [“Where There’s A Will There’s A Way”]:

This story came across as the most complete world and really nailed the brief. We really get a sense of the history and narrator’s animosity toward their unfaithful wife. The whole, complete picture is given and nothing feels forced or out of place. The people in the office really got a kick out of the vengeful, clever tone of the story. Whoever wrote this one really captured the jealous, spiteful mindset it takes to set something like this in motion.

The overall quality and variety of stories is really impressive. I feel really fortunate to have stumbled onto the contest and read everyone’s contributions week to week. There are some really talented and supportive people turning in some really imaginative and engaging stories. Thanks for letting us be a small part of the process!


HUGE thanks to Galen (and crew) for judging this week!

Judge’s Pick Entry

As a reminder, here is the story that won over our judge!

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

300 words
Will reading/Architect/Drama
Jaime Bree
Yes, I am open to derivative works, including audio productions. Please contact me via one of the above channels for more information.

“To my beloved wife, I leave our most valued possession, the house we designed and built together. The place you’ll move your lover into as soon as this is over. I’m not stupid, my darling. I heard and saw when you thought I wasn’t there.

As my last gift to you, I have sent the police a declaration of murder which they will receive in three days. Your declaration.

I was angry, you see. It wasn’t their fault, just stray travellers passing one night, but all I could hear was your groaning. All I could see were your naked bodies, your back arching in ecstasy to his touch. Mental images of skin on skin, your flirtatious giggles overwhelming my mind, playing on repeat.

–So, I pounded your skulls, made your lover unrecognisable. I stabbed you through your blackened heart. So much blood. So much anger–

Two young people now lay on the hall floor. My rage faded to fear as I realised what I’d done.

You could plead your innocence, if you think that will work. I guarantee it won’t. You could intercept the letter, burn the house, but I’ve pre-empted that, it will definitely make you look guilty. Or you can find the bodies so there is no evidence when the police arrive, just the disillusioned ramblings of an ill man.

Lastly, at this very moment a call is being made to your lover explaining you are about to frame him for murder. He is being told somewhere in the house is evidence he needs to frame you instead.

Can you convince him it’s a lie? How much does he trust you? Will he potentially throw away his life on a murder he didn’t commit? Does he really love you enough?

Goodbye my darling. I now declare this over.”

Please help us congratulate our winners, especially in comments and on Twitter!
See you for MC 204, coming right up!

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