RESULTS – Microcosms 26

Despite some in-flight turbulence, Microcosms has made it past the half-year mark. (Suppressing my natural inclination to add an exclamation mark there.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed polished gems over the last 26 weeks. Please continue to come back and spread the word to keep Microcosms airborne. (You appreciating these aeronautical metaphors, KMZ?)

Many thanks to Sal Page for judging this week’s competition. Here’s what she had to say:


Thanks to all nine of you for rising to the challenge of the variety of prompts the Lego gave you. And for giving me a difficult job.



Favorite / Favourite Lines

Brady Koch: ‘She pushed the food away from the records label to see its title. “You aren’t even going to listen to Ali and His Gang Fight Mr. Tooth Decay.” ’

Stella Turner: ‘I visit people in the night and remind them of past misdeeds’

Steph Ellis: He made his way to Emily’s grave, the soil not yet settled, and found himself digging, his hands scooping out the cold, clammy soil, until he finally reached her coffin; …’

Meg Kovalik: ‘The bride and groom had gone for a Chinese Psychobilly theme.’

Emily Clayton: ‘I say woof, but what I really mean is, you better bow now to this bow-wow.’

Ashley Gardana: ‘I wanted to kick him, but kicking people was not the way to get what I wanted’

Voima Oy: ‘It was a ripe world, round as a fruit; he could almost taste it.’

Bill Engleson: ‘ “How is that possible, Watkins? I assembled the wall myself. Brick on bloody brick. Tight as a drum.” ’

Firdaus Parvez: ‘It made her a little sad to lose her beautiful purple skin. Having just two eyes was also a little disconcerting, she couldn’t see behind her.’

Honorable/Honourable Mention

Bill Engleson – Hogging the Action

I like the idea of a Lego wall to keep out hedgehogs too and the way Watkin’s goes along with this mad idea. Very topical and I did laugh at ‘When I was a young Trumpet’.

2nd Runner Up

Steph Ellis – Green Eyes

What a nightmare! This kept my attention as I read. Fast-paced, dramatic and atmospheric.

1st Runner Up

Emily Clayton – Playgrounds

I love that poetic first line, which brings us straight into the tough street dog’s voice and stays with it. And the language that twists a human saying in ‘Our bites are just as perilous as our barks.’


And now, without further ado, I present to you the winners of Microcosms 26.

(insert drumroll here)

Community Pick

Bill Engleson – Hogging the Action

298 words
Hedgehog – New York City – Comedy

“Mr. Trump…you asked to be woken when there was news.”

“What is it, Watkins?”

“I’m afraid it isn’t good, sir. They’ve broken through the outer defences.”

“How is that possible, Watkins? I assembled the wall myself. Brick on bloody brick. Tight as a drum.”

“I know, sir. But they are wily foes.”

“They’re as blind as Democrats. How do they even know where to go?”

“Scent, maybe. Creepy little critters regardless, sir.”

“The stuff of nightmares, Watkins. When I was a young Trumpet, my daddy would come into my bedroom, wriggle my toes and sing me a little song.

They’re coming, they’re coming, the hedgehogs are coming,
They’re prickly and they’re sickly and they’ll bite your toes.
They’ll sneak into your bedroom and devour your clothes,
They’ll crawl on top of your head and pick your nose…”

“Your father was…eccentric…sir.”

“He had his moment, Watkins. Many quite good. A few, not so great. And he couldn’t carry a tune. Suffice it to say though, Hedgehogs have been much with me all of my life.”

“Is that why you are using them in such numbers to test the Lego Wall?”

“I’ve taken a lot of vicious flack about my Mexico Wall, Watkins. We needed a 3D representation to prove a couple of points. A) That I could build the wall. Initially I wasn’t thinking Lego. Then the idea of a Giant Lego Wall manifested itself. I’ve never been more brilliant. Everybody likes Lego.”

“And B)?”

“Between you and me, Watkins…come closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear…good…my father scarred me. I am deathly afraid of Hedgehogs.”


“Humour me, Watkins. Hedgehogs are terrorists…for me. We’ll need to rebuild the Lego Wall until the Hedgehog Invaders are repelled. Are you with me?”

“To the last building block, sir.”

“Good man.”


Judge’s Pick

Meg Kovalik – Special Day

I like the character of Ruby and the pride she takes in organising this special day. Nice idea to wrap the flash around the song. A quirky and colourful flash-moment; the descriptions helped me to really see the setting and action. Great up-lifting ending with her realisation this is the ‘Best. Job. Ever.’

296 words
DJ – Chinese Restaurant – Romance

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, gals and ghouls, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Please clear the floor for the Wedding Waltz!”

As the guests moved aside and indulged in more yum cha, Ruby dimmed the lights. This was always her favourite part of the job: creating the perfect mood.

She triggered the spotlights and set the music in motion.

The bride and groom had gone for a Chinese Psychobilly theme. As they strutted toward each other in time to the vamping saxophones the groom’s coiff bobbed along, while the bride’s vibrant red cheongsam sparkled under the lights.

I put a spell on you,
Because you’re mine.

The dance was choreographed to match the drama of Screamin’ Jay’s vocals. Their eyes remained locked throughout – seeming to bore into each other’s souls – as they swayed, twirled and tramped stylistically around the floor.

Stop the things you do.
Hoo-hoo-ha wassup! I ain’t lying.

Ruby glanced around the audience: everyone was transfixed, dim sums and spring rolls lying neglected on each plate. She slowly added more red to the lighting and then, as the tortured sax solo took flight, set off the fog machine.

I love you! I love you!
I love you, anyhow!
And I don’t care, if you don’t want me,
I’m yours right now.

The dance was almost uncomfortably intense now, the passion between the young couple so clearly on display that it almost felt invasive to watch. But in her years coordinating these events Ruby had learned one universal truth: there is no “right” way to publicly celebrate your love for each other, only the way that is most meaningful to you.

“Best. Job. Ever!” she whispered.

I put a spell on you,
Because you’re mine! Mine!
Oh! Woo! Yeah you’re mine…

Cue glitter confetti.


Additionally, you are invited to judge the next round of Microcosms. Please let me know if you are interested!

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