RESULTS – Microcosms 23

This week’s stories made judging an extremely close call, there was very little to choose between any of them and perhaps on another day, the results would have been in a completely different order.

Although small, this week’s entries formed a great collection and for some reason the numbers brought to mind the quote from Lilo and Stitch ‘This is my family … It’s little … but still good. Yeah – still good.’ When checking this quote, the web also threw up ‘Cute and fluffy!’ but I am not sure that we can claim that!

So, many thanks to those of you who entered and/or took the time and trouble to vote or comment.

I would also like to thank those who have come forward to offer judging or competition post duties; next week, Sal Page is our host. Please, the more the merrier, we want this competition to flourish; just let me know if you can help. I’ll try to make it as painless as possible.


All right, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Honorable/Honourable Mentions

Bill Engleson – Royal Shit Storm

I loved the dialogue between Solly and his pal. I wonder if the Queen really does have dreams like this?

Holly Geely – Ode to Jill

A lovely pen portrait of our superior feline friends. The rhyming scheme fits perfectly.

2nd Runner Up

Brian Creek – Abominations Shall Inherit the Earth

The end of the world as a result of war between Heaven and Hell with man caught in the middle. Ironic that the robot, viewed as an ‘abomination’ by Him, is the one to survive. It makes you question who is truly monstrous.

1st Runner Up

A.J. Walker – A Meeting of Small Gene Pools

Her Maj shows true royal backbone, maintaining standards with her white gloves and velvet and ermine robes and faithful husband supporting her as always. Great touches of humour in this affectionate poem. “Long Live Sweaty Betty!” indeed.

Favorite/Favourite Lines

Before we get to our winners, here are my favorite/favourite lines from this week.

She cares not that her vomit’s a pain in the ass – Ode to Jill – Holly Geely

“You are your master.” I reply. “This world is yours now – Brian Creek

“I dunno. Some of these old babes…their minds gone for a stroll…they don’t even know if they have any clothes on…” – Bill Engleson

“I am the queen”, she said, “One does not sweat – A.J. Walker

Camouflaged wings in an outstretched night/ nocturnal by nature, noiseless in flight – CR Smith

And now, without further ado, I present to you the winners of Microcosms 23.

(insert drumroll here)

Judge’s Pick AND Community Pick

CR Smith – Jungle Nights

Congratulations to CR Smith who achieved a win in both categories with her poem Jungle Nights.

Beautiful description of the majestic owl hunting through the night. I particularly liked the strong contrast between her apparent gentleness depicted by her soft, light feathers and wide-eyes and the killing machine she really is with her sharp beak and hooked talons. This, together with the tight rhythm and pacing, create a perfect image for the reader.

Camouflaged wings
in an outstretched night,
nocturnal by nature,
noiseless in flight.
Round bodied, short-tailed,
feathers soft and light.
Soaring and swooping,
the Queen’s instincts ignite.
Flat-faced, wide eyed,
celebrated sight,
listening for nourishment
hunting senses delight.
Sharp beak, hooked talons
seizing prey tightly,
swallowing whole
in spite of its plight.
As dawn encroaches
the Queen retires
to her jungle hollow,
sleeping until
the twilight hours.

WC 68
Queen/In the jungle/ Poem

Additionally, you are invited to judge the next round of Microcosms. Please let me know if you are interested!

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